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    Our top 2020 categories

    In Detroit MI, AllSet has improved its avenues for printing and design to transform your everyday clothes into something creative and stylish.

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    An awesome source for digital printing and embroidery.

    Our professional expertise and experience at AllSet will offer you unique designs and logos to complete your look.

    Choose product

    You pick out a high quality product and we will love to do the silk printing or embroidery on it. You have the privilege of supplying your own material too.

    Create design

    Whatever design or patchwork you wish your cloth or hoodie to display, we will proudly make that for you. Our focus is to enhance your style!

    Home delivery

    A quick delivery is our priority and we make sure our designer service knocks at your doorstep. The design you desire will be available to you in a blink.

    Worldwide clients

    Direct to Garment

    Embroidery involves the creation of art with threads and this is a field where we specialize. Our embroidery machine has the advanced features that allow the stitching to be done on t-shirts, hoodies, caps and other apparels to give your get up an aesthetic look and feel. Direct to Garment (DTG) is one of the techniques we apply at AllSet to stylize your cotton linen.

    By means of DTG, we implement a modern printing method, in which a textile inkjet printer is used. This printer is able to print the selected designs onto your cotton fabric using water based inks. Our designer service at an affordable price is something to look forward to, if you are craving to put an urban imprint on your regular outfit.

    Custom wholesale

    Screen printing

    Though we use many traditional printing techniques, AllSet specializes in eco-friendly water based screen printing. Among our most popular printing methods are plastisol, discharge, puff, high density and foil screen printing. Using these printing skills, we will bring out your artistic vision onto your desired apparel.

    We have partnered with many top distributors so that you can choose from the widest range of custom blanks or labels and we can stylize them. These are of various fits, materials, and fabric. As soon as you choose one, we will design them or else, you are free to supply your own linen.

    Eco-friendly material

    All of our services, including screen printing, embroidery, digital printing and finishing services are conducted using top-quality materials and inks, manufactured out of Japan, Italy and USA. We do not compromise quality for anything. Our branch in Alexandria LA seeks to serve an eco-friendly service, using the best labels and brands.

    AllSet believes that the value of an exquisite design increases when the quality of the product is high-class. And, thus, we execute our printing and embroidery, ensuring quality, style and time span. Our digital designs have earned quite a name and we want to keep on continuing our good work.

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    We proudly supply our innovative and urban designer products in various spots of Detroit MI, like

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