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Delivery & Returns

Delivery returns

A Quality Service by AllSet

AllSet has been an industrial leader for quite a while and our customer satisfaction rate is very high all around the globe. Providing a glitch-free delivery service for years, we still want to make your options clear of how to proceed, in a rare case of a return delivery.

Within 15 days of the delivery, you should notify us, if you want to return the order for some reason.

Our Perfect-Print Guarantee makes it super easy for you :

If it is an issue of a misprint, and your received order does not match with your desired print, you can send it back for re-print. We will ensure that your shipping labels are pre-paid so that your return is cost-free.

For any reason if we are unable to print those correctly, we will refund you those orders. Along with pre-paid shipping labels, you will get a refund receipt for your returned products.

For any other question, take the help of our customer care service, which is available 24/7.



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