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Shipping Details

Shipping details

Your print order will be delivered to you, as per our standard procedures given below.

Fulfilment and shipping

The time span is usually 2 to 7 days for our designed apparel and the same for any other parcel is about 2 to 5 days.

Depending on the desired destination, the time is fixed, though the average shipping time is normally 4 business days.

Estimated delivery

The customer gets his order delivered after we fulfil and ship it.

More than 3 million orders are shipped by us each year. After routing your product to our fulfilment centre, we arrange for its shipping so that you receive it as soon as possible.

Shipping set-up on your online store

Here are a few steps to set-up the shipping provision for your store.

1 ) Knowing the shipping rates of AllSet

We offer international shipping and the regions of our supply are enlisted. Our standard shipping rates are based on the average shipping cost of each type of product. The shipped products have similar weights and dimensions.


2 ) Calculate the shipping costs for your products.

The shipping cost and product has to be according to your choice for your customers. AllSet charges for the product and shipping to satisfy your customer’s demand. The way the profit margin is set up depends entirely on you.

Shipping rates for the different products are accordingly charged, be it a single order or a mass one.

3 ) The final setting up.

The instructions for each platform are different so, you have to follow the instructions of the platform concerned and then, finalize your shipping set-up.

Few extra things to note

Live shipping rates

Live rates are the real-time shipping rates, displayed during order checkout. These rates are calculated based on the order fulfilment location, shipping destination and shipping method.

Custom fees

As per the order destination and fulfilment location, your customer may have to pay a customs fees. This amount will vary according to country limit, order size, etc.



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